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Timber Exterior Doors

Timber Exterior door sets made with modern materials and using a high tech approach to ensure a beautiful and functional door which will give long years of service.  Sometimes it just has to be a timber door - but with our new innovative production technology you have the advantage of preserving the natural beauty of timber without the risk of the traditional wooden door issues of twisting warping and not being as weatherproof as they could be

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Luxury Pre-Hung Interior & Exterior Doors

Aluminum Exterior Doors

Energy-efficient and burglar-proof steel exterior doors are a combination of high quality, functionality and timeless design, a showpiece of any home! You can personalize them by adjusting the colors of veneers to your taste. Order a customized door!

Wall Panels

Decorative slats are mounted on the wall as a decorative element, which also significantly improves the acoustics of the room reducing reverberation.

Interior Doors Collections

Are you trying to find a living room door? Or perhaps for a kid's room? You can get doors from us in a range of styles and hues!

Fire Doors

Fire, smoke and acoustic functions are only ensured by assembly of a complete set, which includes: a fire door leaf (factory-fitted with gaskets, lock, hinges, drop seal), frame, door closer and an insert and handle meeting the requirements of the Polish Standard.

What is a door set ?

A door set is a complete door assembly that includes the door itself, as well as all of the hardware and components necessary for the door to function properly. This typically includes the door, door frame, hinges, doorknob or lever handle, latch mechanism, and any other hardware that is needed for the door to open and close smoothly. Door sets are commonly used in new construction and renovation projects, as they provide a convenient way to purchase and install all of the necessary components for a door in a single package.

Are door sets the right choice for my property?

Yes, door sets are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit various types of properties and design preferences. When purchasing a door set, you can choose from a variety of options to ensure that the door and hardware match the style of your property. This includes selecting the type of door (e.g. solid wood, glass, etc.), the finish (e.g. painted, stained, etc.), the hardware style (e.g. traditional, contemporary, etc.), and any other features that you want to incorporate into the door set. By choosing the right door set for your property, you can ensure that the door complements the overall design and aesthetic of the space.

What’s the difference between a standard door set and a fire door set?

A standard door set is a complete door assembly that includes the door itself, as well as all of the necessary hardware and components for the door to function properly. This type of doorset is suitable for most residential and commercial applications, and is designed to provide convenient and cost-effective installation of a new door.

On the other hand, a fire doorset is a specialized type of doorset that is designed to provide enhanced fire protection for buildings. Fire rated doorsets are typically made of materials that are able to withstand high temperatures and slow the spread of fire, and are equipped with fire-rated hardware such as hinges, latch mechanisms, and door closers that are certified to meet specific fire safety standards. In addition to the door and hardware, a fire door set may also include other components such as smoke seals and fire-resistant glazing to provide additional protection against the spread of fire.

The main difference between standard and fire door sets is their ability to provide enhanced fire protection. While standard door sets are suitable for most applications, fire door sets are specifically designed and tested to provide enhanced fire resistance and can be an important part of a building's overall fire safety strategy.

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